UX Designer


Global Chalkboard Usability Testing Round 1

Hi, everyone! I have had the pleasure of working with friends Andres Giraldo and Shivan Shukla to create Global Chalkboard's first mobile app. We've completed our first round of user testing, and I wanted to share our progress.

Global Chalkboard would be an outlet for users to browse, post, and share cultural stories to encourage the reading of first-hand accounts and the learning about other countries/cultures.

My contributions to our progress thus far have included a needs-benefit analysis, the creation of a paper prototype, and testing with initial users. You can see pictures and read about our findings in our Usability Test Report.

After evaluating results, we have discussed solutions to implement on our high-fidelity prototype. I'll be posting the high-fidelity prototype as soon as it's complete. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the report, leave comments, and share any feedback. Cheers!


Bhavika Solanki